Rock Steady Sisters

Rock Steady Sisters is a weekly Bible study group open to women of all ages,backgrounds and cultures who have the common desire to know more about God's Word and how to apply Biblical truths to their everyday lives.  It is a lecture style teaching which closes with open conversations centered around each study's topic.


                                               This group meets every Tuesday evening in

                                          The Cottage on campus of Grace Church San Diego.

                                                                  2716 Madison Avenue

                                                           San Diego, California 92116. 

The doors open at 6:15 for social, Bibles at 6:45 and we usually are over around 8:00 pm.

                                                               There is no child care.


"When  I think about where I was 3 years ago -- broken and in the process of a divorce --  I cannot help but marvel at my "God moment" during that time.  That came when I connected with Diane Lowery and started attending Rock Steady Sisters where she leads a lady's Bible study.  The experience has changed my life!  

She is deliberate and committed to her walk with Christ, bringing 20+ ladies along with her on a weekly basis.  She has such a gift teaching the Bible with humor,  along with the ability to explain it in a way that leaves us eager to hear more.

Diane, a mature Christian, serves the Bible study as a role model, a pacesetter influencing us in a positive way according to Biblical standards.  Her virtues of true Christianity is crucial to her ministry which she does not take lightly.  She has touched many lives!  At the end of the day, you are left with the confidence that she is walking beside you lifting you up and encouraging your growth as you embrace your own journey.  An angel and I love her dearly!!"


-Mary Hill

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