About Diane

Diane Lowery is an artist, entrepreneur, Bible teacher, and author.  Through her years of studying and teaching through the Bible, she has developed a deep love for Christ and His cause and has made it her mission to share this same love in all facets of her life.   She has a style that delivers a message of keen, transformative, biblical truths filtered through her own realistic and relatable experiences.  Growing up as a preacher’s daughter gone rogue, her stories of redemption deliver compelling reasons for living a life dedicated to Christ at any cost.

Gleaning from her studies from the most profound Bible teachers of our time, she can translate doctrines and principles into a language that is identifiable and relatable.

Diane is a wife, mother, and grandmother living in San Diego, California.  Her greatest fun in life is in the creation of things because it feels good to think of something and then figure out how to see it, feel it, taste it, or hear it.  Her greatest joy in life, however, is living Christ because she knows the cost of not.  Therein, lies her passion.

“It’s been my pleasure to pastor this lady for many years and it’s been my joy to mentor her all of her life.  I’m her dad.  Diane met and trusted Jesus as her Savior as a young child and as a Christian girl growing up in a very active Baptist church, had many marvelous experiences.  But like so many, she drifted off course for a while.  We praised God when she came back into His sweet fellowship.  Forever He is faithful!  In 2007 she came under the ministry of Dr. Timothy Scott at Grace Church, San Diego. Now, after teaching God’s Word and developing a very successful women’s Bible study group since 2008, she is ready, prepared and willing to offer her ministry to other Christian related venues.  Her delivery is honest and God’s Word is presented truthfully and filtered through the experiences of her life.  She is relatable and reliable and I am so proud to introduce her to you.”

Dr. Robert E. Kleinschmidt

“I have known Diane for several years and have watched her impact the lives of scores of women with her commitment to the Word of God. She presents a compelling reason to live a bold life of faith. Women who would otherwise be hopeless have found that faith in our Lord Jesus brings hope that causes them to endure. Liberation of the soul comes through understanding and living the Word of God in everyday life is the message that Diane brings to the women she influences every week. Her commitment to truth and hope is a strong deterrent from a life of victimhood. Diane’s authentic presentation will help women to live in strength and hope.”

Tim Scott, PhD Lead Pastor of Grace Church San Diego

Diane Lowery licensed into The Gospel Ministry 2015