Living for an Audience of One

Ten Fundamental Attitudes for Spiritual Maturity

I’m convinced that most of us have a desire to be spiritually mature and effective in our ministries and our personal lives.  We want to be known as a “lady of grace and elegance” in our character. But, I think we can all agree that everyday life presents a new set of challenges for us.  Sometimes they are greater than we can bear to face.  But God in His loving kindness has provided us with His presence in our lives, and thousands of promises for provisions in His Word.  So, we look to Scripture and take in the instructions from our Wonderful Counselor for stability and confidence through the storms.  

Of all the New Testament letters to the Church, those of First and Second Peter provide for the believer very practical applications as to the process of stabilizing oneself and yes, even growing spiritually through the journey of their struggles in life.  Through this short study, we will learn ten fundamental attitudes for spiritual maturity.  They are all doable and manageable and available to every single believer at any given point in time.  By heeding God’s instructions and by faith applying them to our lives this outcome is a guarantee.