Your Wedding Officiant

The further we go into the future the more creative couples become with the how, where, and when they officially “get hitched.”  Many couples are looking for a ceremony that reflects the tenants of their Christian faith, yet they are not currently affiliated with a church and have no pastor to whom they can counsel and employ.  Diane is a licensed minister and in addition to her credentials comes the flexibility with the details of the how, where, and when and if you prefer, the whys.

You can expect more than simply reciting the vows.  She will be sure to work with you and extract your deepest feelings making sure they are incorporated with the ceremony and bringing to fruition your ideas and concepts for this very, special day in your life.

Nice things people say….


This is just a note to show our appreciation for the great job you did for Norma and I on our wedding.

Even thought we really didn’t plan ahead much you stepped right in and asked all the right questions about that day and how we wanted things to go. You helped us organize the time just right.

Things went so well it gave us the chance to really enjoy the time and not worry about what was going to happen next. I even almost made it through my vows without breaking down. I almost wanted you to be less professional about things, but you held us all together and made it all go the way I didn’t even think it could. Great job my friend.

We are so happy you did this for us we just can’t thank you enough.

I know you’ll be doing more marriage ceremonies in the future and I’m sure your passages will be just as thoughtful and individual as it all was for us.

Once again thank you for all you do and did.”

Tom and Norma
San Diego, California

“Diane officiated my wedding on 2/15/20 and we had an amazing experience!

I must note, I am quite a perfectionist and not the easiest to please… I am very detail oriented, wanted multiple elements from different cultures included in the ceremony, and we were taking some nontraditional approaches.

Prior to our ceremony we met with Diane, as well as talked & texted here and there.  We discussed options for different elements and throughout the process she was extremely flexible, calming, and supportive.  She cared about all the details and wanted everything to turn out the way we envisioned it.  She offered suggestions and options, but did not try to change our vision.

The ceremony was beyond our expectations! Fortunately, Diane’s blue eyes provided a calming focal point to settle my nerves so that I was able to hear her words & be present in the moment and she has such a calming presence.  She included all elements we requested and the ceremony flowed flawlessly; she is so captivating when she speaks.  There is nothing I would have changed, she truly captured who we are and provided an unforgettably special ceremony.

Diane is very punctual, reliable, confident, sincere, and just such an incredible person.  She went out of her way to ensure she was well prepared and alleviated the stress of having to worry about the ceremony itself from us.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Diane, the only thing I can say is that you will see what I mean the first time you talk to her…

I highly recommend Diane, other officiants would not have been as flexible or understanding as she was as I added and changed things at the last minute!  Additionally, her welcoming and calming presence touches everyone.  She will not disappoint, it’s just not in her nature!”

San Diego, California

On July 1, 2021, my ex-husband and I once again professed our love for one another and rejoined in matrimony. We were married for 6 years, divorced for 3 and have been back together for 6. It seemed providence to officially declare our love before God and the world. In a small ceremony held in Presidio Park, overlooking the bay and ensconced among the towering pines and Eucalyptus, my dear friend, sister in Christ and mentor, Diane Lowery officiated our renewed commitment to one another in the sweetest of ways.  Speaking to our personal history together, Diane wove a tale of how the villains of time and strife that work to unravel sacred promises can never be usurped by real, enduring love – it is powerful and overcomes every obstacle that attempts to sabotage its existence.  Her words were personal and poignant.  Her prayers were full of the Father’s heart, and the vows she wrote for us were filled with the renewed promises we made to honor and cherish, be faithful and patient and to choose love even when it’s difficult. Diane was able to illuminate God’s desire that His children find love within their own hearts to give to others and thus honor the greatest love He offered to us when He sent His Son. The day couldn’t have been more special or memorable.  In gratitude to you, Diane Lowery, from Mr. & Mrs. Guy Meades!