Speaking Topics

A long-lived life and more than a decade of studying and teaching through the entire Bible have left Diane with an extensive menu of rich and applicable topics for every woman of every age.  From Genesis to Revelation, God has provided Scriptural, life-altering truths that are designed to be deposited into the hearts of those who have ears to hear.

While it’s true that she is prepared to bring options of themes to the gathering, her vast knowledge of topics gives the audience organizer the flexibility to present their own chosen concepts and within that realm, a new message can be prepared specifically for that event.

Whether it be a larger conference sharing a stage with other dynamic speakers, or a very small group of women tucked into a corner of their own, little, country church, the passion for inspiring and illuminating God’s Word to others remains the same in her intention.

Nice things people say…

I’ve grown up in ministry and have had a very special handful of women I would consider my mentors.  Diane is in that group.  She has an uncanny way of crossing generational lines, cultural divides and brings all types of women together to learn from her deep well of understanding in God’s word.  She is grace-driven, committed to truth and will make you laugh even while bringing conviction.  She is a gifted teacher and has proven her leadership in our congregation through the years with immeasurable fruit!  I can’t say enough positive things about this woman, but as I always tell her, “I want to be you when I grow up”.

Kimberly Scott
Lead Pastor’s wife
Women’s Care Pastor
Grace San Diego
Worship, Connect, Serve, Reach

“Diane is a pure delight to be around.  She is fun, authentic, God fearing, and a loyal friend to many.  She is very serious when it comes to handling God’s Word.  She is a most gifted teacher and writer and challenges her audience and messes with them in the most beautiful ways.

She was the main speaker at my church’s Christmas outreach tea event for women in December 2015.  It was incredible!  Her message deeply penetrated many hearts.  Several women came up to me and said, “She was the best speaker we have ever had!”   She has a unique way of capturing her audience’s heart with real life stories and in depth teaching from God’s Word. She helps you understand God’s Word in incredible and practical ways.  You leave the room with greater understanding,  you are more enlightened, more challenged and convicted to recommit.   As you listen to her  you will treasure the nuggets you learn from her for years to come.  I highly recommend Diane.  She is a gem.”


I am writing this review for the purpose of sharing with any looking for a qualified, gifted and effective speaker for your important event.

Not only was Diane well prepared and grounded in biblical knowledge from over 15 years of passionate and dedicated in-depth study, she was up against an obstacle, dashing our dreams and expectations.

Two days prior to our scheduled Tea, the West Coast got their first Hurricane threat in 84 years. The decision was made by the organizers that she should not risk driving to and from San Diego in hazardous conditions. “We would have the Tea without a speaker” (for any locals that showed up).  Then at the final moments prior to our doors opening, technical connections for her to call in were made on our large screens. This may not sound unusual these days. What struck me, however, was the fact that, without seeing her audience, interacting with them or being able to bring her books as planned, there was NOT one indication from Diane that she was, in any way ruffled or disappointed.  She was joyously gracious, engaging, relatable, relevant, honest, pointed and personable.

We have no control over problems and road blocks, it’s what we do with them that reveals character … Diane’s character shown through strong and beautiful.

God was glorified and all were benefitted. The impact on our guests was joyful gratitude. We are eager to book her for next year’s event.

I thank God for Diane’s willing, prepared and available spirit… fit for the Master’s use.

Nancy Naimo
Stonebrooke Church Vista California