Women at the Well Bible Class

Women at the Well is a group of women of varying ages, backgrounds, and cultures who have a desire to know more about the Word of God and how to apply what they learn to the situations and circumstances of their lives. The disciplines of this biblical admonition prove to produce the abundant life that Jesus promised for His followers.  In addition, the shared desire brings deep personal relationships with one another that help to support the vast personal journeys through life.

We’d love to welcome you into our fold to whatever degree you are most comfortable.  It’s always a good time to jump in.

Join the Women at the Well
bible class Tuesdays at 6:45pm
on YouTube Live.

You can also catch up by watching previous week’s studies on this same Channel.

Our History…

In November of 2008, I met with the two women pictured here.  Debi, on the left, and Mary Jo in the middle.  I promised that if they committed to showing up every Tuesday evening, I would commit to preparing our Bible Study.  It was agreed.  So, on December 4th, 2008 we met for the very first time.  And wouldn’t you know, when word got out, five other women joined us.  You’ll note we were women of all ages and stages in life and we all had two things in common; we wanted to know more about Jesus Christ and His Word and we wanted to mature in our faith.

Since that time, Rock Steady Sisters has developed into a ministry of Women at the Well. Through the years, we have met faithfully every Tuesday night.  Other traditional connect groups follow a pattern of semesters and breaks, but we have found no desire to not meet.  Many have come and gone for an assortment of reasons, but they are always considered to be sisters.  We do life together even when we’re not together.  It’s a very unique bond.

Pictured to the left is the last group photo taken at one of our annual retreats typically held in October. Always fun and always fruitful.

But, of all the wonderful reasons we show up every Tuesday evening, it is because we want to learn God’s Word.  We want to learn it and live it out and experience what Jesus tells us is an “abundant life”.

Years ago, I came upon this comment in one of my dad’s studies.  It simply said, “Knowing what to do must be translated into doing what you know.”  Simply put, If you want to do what God wants you to do, if you want to have a masterpiece of a life that God wants you to have then it’s pretty important to understand what that is.  Everything we need to be able to live an effective, joy-filled, purpose-driven, and abundant life, is found in God’s Word.

Nice things people say….

Rock Steady Sisters is everything you would hope for in a women’s bible study: a group of warm, inviting women that will support you no matter what you are going through, consistent Bible doctrine delivered by a thoughtful, insightful teacher, and a safe place to learn, grow and strengthen your faith. I can’t imagine my life without this group.

Kim F. San Diego

“Diane’s teachings have instilled in me a deeper knowledge of, and thirst for, God’s word. She brings together biblical truth and human struggle in such a way that my faith has been forever strengthened simply by hearing her messages and asking God’s help in applying them to my life. Diane employs faith, theology, humor, and always love with each message she shares. I have no doubt the resulting positive changes in my life have made me a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, and above all else, a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Lindsay Elise Reph

Rock Steady Sisters has been a community I can count on for over five years now! Diane has always been a strong and faithful leader; she is positively uplifting and full of wisdom. However, she does not claim to know it all, and will take the time to find answers to any questions you might have! I have recently moved out of state, but am still connected through weekly emails and prayer chains. She has kept this community together via YouTube during the pandemic and continues to meet online weekly. Being a part of this group has connected me to a group of women who always offer love and prayer. The studies themselves are in depth and I always have something to take away and apply to current life circumstances. Not only has this group been meeting weekly, longer than I have been attending, but they have a yearly women’s retreat! These are well thought out, planned well in advance, and prayed over, with each participant in mind. I have had the honor of participating in three of these weekend long events, and I will miss them dearly!

Michelle C.  Idaho