Women at the Well – San Diego

Women at the Well is a San Diego based ministry of transformed women calling women to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Women at the Well produce events that feature dynamic and influential Christian women who point the way to Jesus through personal testimonies and biblical teachings. Their events include and are not limited to; weekend retreats, daytime revivals, and a variety of gatherings.

By partnering with Christian fellowships, Women at the Well help them to develop a more vigorous women’s ministry in their communities and foster a core of transformed women calling other women to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Designed with Purpose

Lori Allen is a Licensed Clinical Chaplain. Lori’s zeal for helping others is derived from a personal victory over addictions and loss in her life.  Lori is passionate about helping her clients develop new cognitive and behavioral skills while facilitating restoration in other areas of their lives.  She utilizes a holistic client centered approach to addiction and grief treatment while integrating various disciplines that assist in the individual’s recovery process.  Her goal is to help clients transition from recognition to recovery; and, from recovery to restoration.

Counseling services include; grief recovery, addiction, codependency, individual, family/couples, recovery coaching and spiritual development.


Resilience Psychological Services

Victoria Farrow, PhD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the owner of Resilience Psychological Services, a private therapy practice based in San Diego. Dr. Farrow offers individual therapy for adults; her approach is collaborative, individualized, and grounded in evidence-based practices. She specializes in helping adults that have experienced trauma, adversity, or significant stressful life events discover their inner resilience. She has expertise in the treatment of PTSD and extensive experience in working with trauma survivors (including sexual assault, domestic violence, combat, childhood physical and sexual abuse, etc.). As a Christian, she understands the importance of faith and our relationship with God; if desired by clients, therapy sessions can incorporate a clients’ faith to facilitate healing and growth.

Phone: 619-324-9908

Clarity Corp.

My name is Thera Storm. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), military spouse, published author, group facilitator, speaker, and mom. I currently work full-time providing therapy for active duty Sailors and Navy families at Naval Base San Diego.

Clarity Corp. is my private practice located in Pacific Beach where I provide The Grief Recovery Method part-time online (by appointment only).

I am passionate about helping people recover, heal, and move-on from loss and the grief that comes with it.

Years ago, I realized that what most people have been told about grief is just not true…“Everything happens for a reason”, “They’re in a better place now”, “I’m sorry for your loss”, “Life goes on”, “Keep on keeping on”, “I’ll give you space, but let me know if you need anything”… These sayings, kind as they may be at heart, just don’t cut it. And no one should feel like that’s all they need to actually heal and move on from loss.

The reality is loss isn’t as easy as that. It’s not something you slap a Band-Aid on and just “keep on marching.” Whatever it is you’re dealing with; your emotional pain deserves more than a Band-Aid.

Maybe you’ve lost a loved one. Maybe you’ve lost a friend. Maybe you’re going through a hard break-up or divorce. Maybe you’ve lost your job or career, are experiencing infertility or miscarriage, lost your pet, lost your identity, lost your wealth; maybe you’ve just graduated, retired, moved homes, or changed careers… it’s all a kind of “loss” and all of it deserves more than a Band-Aid.

You deserve a home for real healing, resources, and a proven process to get you from where you are to where you deserve to be.

It’s ok to feel the way you feel about your loss, whatever that may be. Maybe it’s sadness, maybe it’s disconnection, depression, or outright anger. Many of my clients even experience anxiety, loss of concentration & focus, depleting emotions and failing relationships. However you’re feeling, my job is not just to “hear you out” and speak the same shallow platitudes that society and traditional therapy offers.  My mission is to bring you real healing, real clarity, and real tools and techniques you can take with you no matter where you’re at in life.

This website is dedicated to providing tools, resources, and options for individual counseling. If you’re not ready to complete the one-on-one online Grief Recovery Program with me, perhaps you’d like to sign up for the 7-day email series, buy a recommended book, download a free game for your family to “play” as you process a loss together, or simply stay connected through social media.

If you need assistance navigating the best resources for your specific concerns, please call or email me and I will personally help you assess the best way to move forward.

Email available on website