Funeral/Memorial Officiant 

"Where do I start with what I have to say about Diane Lowery.  She was my father's neighbor.  The last couple years when my Dad was not feeling well, she walked with him & his beloved German Shepard, Vesta. They would have some wonderful conversations. My dad really grew to love Diane and their talks together. When he passed, we did not really know anyone to do the service.  The funeral home was willing to help find someone for us but we felt that was so impersonal.  Like an angel from heaven, Diane said to my mom she would perform the service.  It was the most beautiful service and so personable.  Done with love in every word she spoke.  Come to find out later that was her first ever funeral service.  I would have thought she had been doing them for years. 


Needless to say Diane Lowery is a wonderful, lovely human being.

My mom and our family thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


Thank you."

"I could not have asked for a better officiant for my uncle's funeral services. Diane is absolutely incredible when she takes the podium. She exudes so much passion, feeling and realness with her words and draws in your attention so beautifully. Her voice, her aura, and the way she speaks the word of God is truly inspiring and uplifting.  I could listen to her speak all day! She is so eloquent and I am so thankful that she was able to bring happiness, hope and love into a very sad situation. She is a true woman of God and it pours out of her heart with every word she speaks. I am so thankful for Diane Lowery and the beautiful things she brings into this world when she so graciously offers us her support, love and unbelievable talent when speaking from that podium. Thank you Diane. You are a true blessing to me and my family."    


Ursula Valencia

"Diane did an absolutely exceptional job of honoring my father at his services. She put together a perfect program that captured treasured memories and beautifully represented our Dad. Her very voice was a source of both calm and strength as I and my family endured this difficult day. Most honestly, we couldn't  have done it without her."

Lacey Waddell

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