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The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange After several decades of calling San Diego home, my friend prayerfully concluded it was time to move. Already established in her new Georgia zip code, she had returned to clean out the remaining belongings in her recently sold house. With furniture in every room, paintings on every wall, cupboards, and closets neatly filled with typical inventory, and stuff stored from under sinks, to bins suspended in the garage rafters, any help was greatly appreciated. [...]

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The Brave Path

The Brave Path You’ll get no arguments from me.  I’m not an adventurous person. I was not raised in a home that traveled to obscure campsites, seaside, mountainsides, or any other sides.  The biggest adventure I can remember that came from my childhood was when we as a young family packed ourselves into a 1961 Chevrolet and headed west to San Diego, California from Waukegan, Illinois.  Ah, that’s not altogether true.  But close.  When we traveled, we [...]

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First Seeds

For well over two years now I have been privileged to prepare my one and only grandson for his day at preschool.  The early morning snuggles, delightful conversations during breakfast preparations, and kitchen clean-ups have been weekly deposits into some of the greatest memories of my life. I was on my knees in gratitude when I learned at the onset that this little boy, my only grandchild, would be attending a Christian preschool. Knowing that my son [...]

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Dad’s Last Day

I knew it was coming but I had no idea that the arrow of this accomplishment would hit so deeply in my heart: Dad’s last day. The picture came on a Facebook post and there they were, my parents, standing behind a purchased grocery store cake in the kitchen of a country church. How typical.  Such a humble scene and yet so glorious. For eleven years he faithfully showed up every Wednesday to pour into the souls [...]

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Behold, A New Thing!

Behold, A New Thing! For thirty-five years my husband and I have enjoyed what I have come to call, canyon-view living.  Our home is located on the south side of the great Mission Valley in San Diego, California.  While it’s true I had always enjoyed the western, northern, and eastern views, they did not provide for me their full potential of appreciation until I re-dedicated my life to Jesus Christ.  It was then the balcony became a [...]

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The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box When I look back at my life as a mother I see a plethora of reasons to exclude me altogether from the title of “Mother,” let alone, “Grandmother,” Yet, God, in His mercy and grace has gifted me with relationships with not only both sons but their beautiful wives as well, plus one grandchild. A boy.  His name is Cole. And let me just say from here, we are very close. This is a [...]

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With years of experience in plant and operations management positions in industry-leading print, pre-press, and publishing companies, my awesome, big brother Donald specialized in process improvements. One of the biggest problems he tackled in those years was to create efficient and effective ways to eliminate financial loss due to the lack of communication within the movements of production. Nearly twenty years ago now, I’m still remembering the day when he and I shared breakfast at the famous [...]

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“I Needed This Today”

I Needed This Today It was a hot summer day and I had been waiting for the sun to take the back seat.  It finally did so I grabbed my caddy filled with car washing detergents, glass cleaner, clean rags, Armor All, and paper towels, and I set out for the driveway where my old, 2001 Buick Park Avenue awaited its bi-monthly bath. Washing my car by myself had been something I had never, ever committed to.  [...]

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Because He Said So

I couldn't  remember the last time I felt the way I did.  Maybe years ago when my commitment to Christ had yet not been settled.  We as a nation and I might even go as so far as to say, the world had acknowledged that there was an epidemic requiring us to stay home - to be still.  We as individuals needed to find a new and quiet way of life for right now or else.  Ok, [...]

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Slow Down, Daddy!

Saturday morning brought a heaviness to my heart.  My mind was tangled with all the events and experiences of the past week.  Some, while proving to be exciting in many ways, also left me with an assortment of trepidation in that, I would need to step out farther relying more on my faith than solid facts in hand.  Other things grew my self-confidence, and then there was that one, lone thing that revealed a glaring weakness in [...]

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