A Study Through Galatians

Following on her book, Views from the Balcony – Things I’ve Seen, Things I’ve Learned, Diane takes us on a journey through Paul’s letter written to the church at Galatia. This beautiful New Testament book presents for us all the meaning of grace and why it is so vitally important for every human being to understand it and apply it to their lives.  It provides the foundation to the answers to three critical questions; who am I, why am I here, and what am I supposed to do with my life.  All of these answers must begin with the understanding of God’s grace.  Because once you understand all that He has done for you, you are left with a compelling reason to live your life with a fulfilled, and grateful heart that propels a sense of reason and purpose.

In this book, we not only can glean from the poignancy of the overall letter but find reasons to believe that what we read can be believed.  Views from the Balcony – A Seeker Finds GRACE is the declaration of independence for the believer.  Understanding freedom in Christ brings accessibility to an abundant life.  And isn’t that what we all are seeking?