Suspended from our balcony roof line hang four feeders.  One is for the hummingbirds; the remaining three trays are for the wild birds.  Every morning I make my way out to the long deck and fill each one of those feeders and this morning I decided to stand quietly on the corner and be in the activity of the first rush.  It’s almost like there’s some invisible neon sign that flashes over the canyon below that says OPEN.  The hummers silently battle for total control of their restaurant, but eventually each settle down to their own stools and take turns. And the assorted birds flitter about and occasionally one will just sit smack dab in the middle of that tray with no regard for the pending guests.  There was one, lone bird however, that will take permanent hold in my memory.  Just a small, small sparrow.  There it was hopping and pecking on the concrete below, desperately in search of something other than an empty shell.  Hop hop … peck peck… hop hop… peck.  I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to just say, “Little one?”  Now wouldn’t it be something if that little bird just stopped and looked up at me and listened?  Imagine it tilting its little head with eager intent.  “Sweet bird.  Simply fly up, just a bit, no more than three feet and an entire tray filled with your plenty awaits you.”

Well, you’re no dummy.  You get the connection here.  Oh, how often we hop hop peck our way through the Scriptures in search of some quick fix to a need in our lives.  Frantically searching through the pages for a topic that will satisfy our current trouble.  But just a little more, just a little higher, just a little deeper lays the whole tray.  All that and more.  

There are symbols for the Bible in the Bible: Mirror, Water, Lamp, Sword, Precious metal, Hammer, Fire, Milk, Meat, Bread, Honey and…. Seed.  It is called seed because, once properly planted it brings forth life, growth and fruit.  Matthew 13:23, James 1:18 and 1 Peter 1:23.

Today I choose to land on the tray to nourish myself with the full meat of the Seed, not the leftovers in the shells.