Every day around sunset I go out to the balcony to retrieve my American flag.  Sometimes I linger there for a moment or two.  I never tire of the view.  I’m sure there are bigger and better to be had around this world.  I’ve seen some of them them.  But for me, the one I call home is most meaningful.  This view belongs to me.

I stood there a little longer this beautiful evening as I spotted unexpectedly, north of the deep valley, four hot air balloons ascending into the sky from the horizon.  It was hazy and gray.  Typical for where we live, less than a handful of miles from the Pacific Ocean.  It was easy to imagine the wonder from their passengers.  For many, dreams come true!  Countless times before they must have longed for the experience to rise from earth’s gravity in silent ascent and gaze at the surface below as it grew exponentially with each blast of the propelling flame from above.  “How magnificent!” I thought to myself and even said aloud to no one.

A short moment later and my eyes moved west and there it was – the familiar weight of Rady’s Children’s Hospital.  How many times have I paused upon that precious structure that houses hundreds of men and women who care for our broken children?  How many times have I considered our little ones who are suffering from cancer and other unwelcomed vicious diseases that rob them of their young and innocent lives and grieve the hearts of their moms and dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors? Many times I’ve parked myself on the closest chair and prayed for those that I do not know.  What a comfort to talk with God.  Where else can we go with those heart-wrenching concerns?  I know of no one but Him.

I was just about ready to thank Him for the day and as I pivoted on my weighty boot from the southeast was the daily caravan of crows.  By the dozens, they migrate back and forth across Interstate 8.  I don’t know where they’ve been or where they’re going, but they sure are on the move.  I’ll see them again in the morning in the 6:00 hour.

All this assorted activity in the course of a day.  Some planned – like those who experienced the hot air balloons.  Some unplanned – like those in Rady’s Children’s Hospital.  Some just pure nature – like the flights of the crows.

Life is constantly on the move and it brings all sorts of things planned, not, and natural.  But one thing is always the same; God.  He never changes.  There is nothing more comforting for each one of us than knowing that there is a place we belong that is grounded, sure, true, honest, welcome, loving, and grand.  God.

Many may scoff.  But for me?  This view belongs to me.