Occasionally I’ll come across an advertisement for some product or service that really impresses me. Not very often, but like I said; occasionally. I recently had such occasion. It was for a commercial and residential security service. Over the radio the announcer rambled on about the company and I didn’t pay much mind until the last line; “ADT. More than a sign in your yard; it’s the line in your sand.” With my usual response, I grabbed the notepad tucked into the driver’s door, a pen from the console and scribbled that down. I loved it. Wasn’t really sure why, but by the time I had reached my destination (I was driving) I had placed it in memory. As the next day or two rolled by that stuck in my mind and I began to place the reason together. Christians sure do love to wear that sign…. I love to wear the sign!  CHRISTIAN.  But the big question is; is it my line in the sand? For some things, yes. But for all things?

My current Bible studies have me in the book of Philippians. It’s the “joy book” of the New

Testament. And interestingly enough the word “mind” is predominant. Quite frankly, joy is a

mental attitude. Christians should learn to think the viewpoints that produce joy. That’s part of

the line in the sand. Essentially that boils down to three simple things: worry about nothing, pray about everything and thank God for anything. Wonder how many of us do that? Big sign, no line. But what do I do with my…. here we go…… moods? Dad said “Moods are to be kicked

out not changed.” Now, I don’t know if he put those words together or grabbed a notepad at

some time in his past, but either way, I’m glad for the advice. Well, interestingly enough I had

one of those today. A mood. I was irritated and couldn’t even tell you why. Time to kick that

baby out. I thought about my Philippians study and those beautiful admonishments “Rejoice in

the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand.” Now I’m just going to stop right there and talk about “the Lord is at hand”. You know what that means? That means Jesus is coming again….and my friends? That could be this very day. Not only that? He’s in me, with me, before me, all around me and as I continue my Scripture memory “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving.” Okay. I get it. Mood? See ya. Quickly I pulled out an old familiar tape cassette. Yes. I said that. I still play tape cassettes in my old car.

The Carpenters Crew. Ha! A Gospel quartet and wouldn’t you know my daddy sang bass and my mom played the piano. And on comes this song, “I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen”. Every word spoke to me!  “I have learned in all that happens, just to praise Him for I know He’s working all things for my good.” And so I did. I praised Him. And all of the sudden my “sign in the yard” became ” my line in the sand”.